Bill Strong's Vintage Cameras

Pony Premo #3
Model: Pony Premo #3
Manufacturer: Rochester Optical Company, Rochester, NY
Manufacture date: 1901
Lens: Rapid Rectilinear 4x5 f8
Shutter: Bausch & Lomb Victor Flat Top   S/N #64004
Media: 4 x 5 inch plate
Image size: 4 x 5 in
Original Retail price: approx. $75-100
Condition (0-10) 6.5
Description: The camera has front rise and rotating back. The Victor Flat Top shutter has a speed dial on it and is markedPAT JAN 6 91
According to McKeown this shutter was manufactured in 1901.
Pony Premo #3