Strongs Golden Chianti JrGoldie

Pure Falabella

sex: stallion
height: 37"
born: April 10th, 2008
registrations:  FMHA, AMHR 

Sire: Strong's Golden Chianti   AMHR, FMHA
: Paradise Nevada Sorpresa  AMHA, AMHR, FMHA

Goldie has a historical pedigree; his paternal gr-grand sire is the original legendary Chianti, the first Falabella Stallion imported to North America from the Falabella Ranch in Argentina.  Many horses in his pedigree have been National Halter and Driving champions.

Excellent conformation with nice long legs desireable in todays show ring and driving classes.

This proven stud is very friendly and easy to handle; hand or pasture breeds.  He has produced some beautiful foals.  We have retained his fillies for future breeding/show horses.

Note:  Palomino is a colour; not a Breed.  Foals are usually born white and turn golden palomino with age.  Palomino is produced by crossing the creme gene with the red chestnut gene.  Goldie's dam was black and carried the red gene; (maternal grandsire was chestnut).  His sire was palomino, thus he was born palomino. 75% of his offspring are palomino and 25% chestnut.  Contact us for more information on breeding for the gorgeous palomino colour.

Photos below show Goldie's colour as a yearling.  Above photo is current as a golden palomino.

Goldie as a foal

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